Frequently Asked Questions


Broker Questions

What is a car transport broker?

A car transport broker is someone who handles all details associated with the shipping of your vehicle(s) from one destination to another.

Why do I have to work with a broker?

The car transport business is a highly regulated industry. To ensure that business is lawfully carried out, car transport brokers are required to be registered with the Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and have insurance coverage in every state in the nation.

What does a broker do?

The car transport broker works on your behalf to find a trucking company that is authorized, reputable, dependable and carries the necessary insurance to get the job done.

How does the broker find a truck?

Almost every broker uses the same technique to find a trucking company to transport your car from destination to destination. Your car make and model, pick up destination, delivery destination, estimated pick up date along with the rate the broker is offering a trucking company on your behalf is posted to Central Dispatch.


Quote Questions

How is a car transport quote calculated?

At Beam Me Up Auto Transport, Inc. quotes are calculated by comparing the mileage, truck driver availability and payment rates for cars shipped on similar routes. This ensures a higher probability of having your car picked up and delivered within your desired timeframe.

How far in advance should I request a quote?

When you request a quote depends on how quickly you need your car shipped. If you’re looking to have your car shipped immediately your broker will need to offer a driver a fair and sometimes higher rate to accommodate your needs. If your pick-up window is flexible you can look forward to a simple move at a fair rate with Beam Me Up Auto Transport Inc.


Insurance Questions

Is my car insured while it’s being transported?

Yes, it’s fully insured. The truck your car is assigned to carries between $1million - $5million worth of cargo insurance.